Traffic On A Website: Improving Thru Demographics

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Traffic On A Website: How to Improve Traffic By Understanding Demographics

Google Analytic metrics are a combination of different things and key points. To win the race in the online world. It is essential to understand what you can really do with Google Analytics. As it provides detailed insight on things you never really thought you could measure thus improving traffic on a website.

Follow The Analytics Series in Order:

In the event that you stumble upon this series out of the intended order, I have included links for all of the articles in this series. It’s recommended that you try to follow them in order because one concept will start to build off of the one that came before it.

Here are the links for your review if you should need them:

1 Acquisition Overview

2 Social Overview

3 Bounce Rate

4 Top Ranking Pages

5 Understanding Demographics

Now, this is my favorite section so I’m apologizing now if I geek out a bit! Traffic sources play a vital role in measuring how your website is ranking overall. All visitor’s demographics, in other words, all the information we can capture from the user adds a sense of validation to your marketing efforts.

But a targeted visitor helps a website to grow beyond limits!

By analyzing things like the age range, gender and location of your existing visitors, you can create hyper-targeted content that can be a slam dunk with your visitors. So let’s jump straight into it!

Traffic On A Website By User Demographic

Under the Acquisition tab in Google Analytics
Head over to Demographics
Then click on Overview

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This first section gives you an excellent 50,000-foot overview from the age range to the gender of your website visitors.

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From the screenshot to the left you can see that the highest registered age range of the visitors is 25-34. So what can we do with this information? Now that you have broken down the age range the performs the best, how about we create content that resonates exclusively with that age range?

  • You can use creatives that speak to their childhood
  • How about creating pay per click event using your top pages as content to drive sales to a specific offer.
  • Better yet, create a video of content that is working for you and blast it on social media to that age range.

The possibilities are endless! Don’t forget about the other age ranges though. Use these same tactics for each age range. The trick is to customize your content to match the individuals. Do this and your traffic on a website will skyrocket!

Here is the complete overview of all the information you can drill down by age groups.

traffic on a website

You can really get down to the nitty-gritty here by incorporating everything you have learned from the previous posts in this series. Now is the time to put it all together.

Understanding Gender in Google Analytics

Something we didn’t realize until we looked at the data but 59% of visitors are female.

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Now, why is that important? Just like in the earlier example, content needs to resonate with the right gender just as much as it needs to connect with the right age range. We’re not stereotyping men and women. We are just analyzing the fundamental difference in how information is both perceived and absorbed. How can we create content based on gender?

  • Follow the followers! Remember that statement? Pinterest is a female-dominated social media platform. If you see your traffic is resonating better with women then cater to that demographic by creating value-rich Pinterest posts linking to your offer.
  • Attract high-quality leads by involving each gender in your decision-making process. Get feedback from both sides. This will give you even perspective of what is important to them. Use this information to craft your services to better fit their needs.
  • Most importantly, don’t exclude one for the other. Evenly distribute your content that speaks to both men and women evenly. Unless you aim to focus on one specific gender you don’t turn off certain readers because you see the numbers leaning in the opposing sex’s favor.


Geo Location-based Marketing

Navigate to Geo on the left toolbar
Then click on Location

traffic for a website

This section breaks down traffic on a website by the user’s location. Just like creating content that is specific to age and gender, location-based marketing is crucial for its high SEO component. The metrics are pretty straight forward here. Just keep drilling down until you know what countries, states, and cities are driving traffic on a website.

How can you use this information to create your content and offers? Of course, I’m going to give you the insider tricks of the trade.

Local SEO and Location-based Marketing

An awesome way to drive free traffic on a website is to create a blog post featuring a directory of business in a particular community. Now I know that you’re thinking! Why should I promote someone else’s business?! It’s not promotions per se, it’s capitalizing in search volume that will help the other pages on your website rank.

Example of Location-based Marketing:

Create a post for the city you want to target. I’ll use Houston, TX for this example. We all know people love coffee shops most people have a love/hate relationship with StarBucks. You want to look at Yelp for local coffee shops that are independently owned and operated.  Create a post showcasing positive reviews from 5 to 10 of those shops. (10 is better because you’ll have more content to write about)

Target the keywords, “Best Coffee shops in Houston 2019”. At the end of the post place a closing paragraph that ties it all together with a link to either an offer you want to promote or a low ranking page on your website. All the traffic from that post will bleed into the page you just linked.

We called this link juiceYeah, I know its goofy but some other goofball came up with that name so we just roll with it. This is an advanced SEO technique that will blast your low ranking pages to the top of the search engines.

Drill Down Analytics by State

After you click on the link for the United States you will see the breakdown by state.

This section will show you the 10 highest states that drive traffic to your website.

There is a complete report for navigating the traffic sources. This helps you to understand the people background and provide an opportunity to mold the content of your website according to their taste and interest. It provides a comprehensive view in a single traffic table, and you’ll get to know new session, average session, bounce rate, and conversion rate.

Keeping track of your website traffic source, you can expand your website across the online world. This helps you to improve the performance of your top rate pages, and bounce rate can balance through this process. Underrate pages of your website can, and this helps to target more audience in short spam.

There are different traffic sources, and in my point of view, organic traffic is the best one to reach the goal. The other traffic medium includes referral traffic, social traffic, email traffic, paid traffic, and direct traffic. Google Analytics account helps to navigate all sources of traffic, and through this, you can understand your visitor terminology.


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