Secret to Starting Your Own Successful Daycare Business

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Secret To Starting Your Own Successful Daycare Business



We conducted a survey to determine what the best methods to start a successful daycare center are. After carrying out an in-depth analysis of about 174 of the most successful Daycare centers, we discovered some big secrets which are essential to the start-up of a successful daycare business. These secrets lie in the word – MARKETING.

The methods that a daycare business adopts in creating awareness about its brand are very important. Here are the best practices which the daycare centers that were analyzed implemented in other to be very successful –

Build a great website

start your own daycare business

When parents want to choose a daycare center for their child, they mostly search the internet. It is important to set up a website that is well-designed and answers key questions that will compel potential clients to meet with you and have a look at your facility. Ensure that your website reflects your professionalism, qualifications, and how passionate you are for childcare.

Showcase appealing pictures of your facility, as well as, the kids that you care for. Include a comments page on your site and also post feedback from other parents in other to put the minds of potential clients at ease. Do not forget to add contact information as this will enable parents who are convinced to contact you.

When it comes to your brand, your website is arguably your best asset. Your website is the basis of all your marketing plans, and if used in the right way, you can stay ahead of your competition. We design appealing websites that are highly functional and very intuitive to use. You need to have superior web designs for your daycare by getting a quick and affordable online platform.

A web design company will design a website that is very simple to use so that you can edit, update content, add pages, change photos, and more, all by yourself. All that is needed is that you follow the basic instructions.

Being noticed online is important too, and that is why you must have a website that is optimized for search engines. This will help you to rank high in the results of search engines, and this will help your daycare to be noticed by more prospective clients online. Writing content that is search engine friendly is also very important.

If your childcare center’s website does not rank on search engines, we will carry out a full website redesign for you. We will first analyze your site’s strengths and weaknesses and also optimize it for SEO. Then, we will give you the best techniques for increasing traffic from organic search.

When it comes to social media, your daycare center needs to have a very high social engagement. You need to be active on social media to connect with existing and potential clients. A local SEO company will initiate marketing campaigns that explore various digital marketing channels.

We will help to cut down your spending by designing ads for retargeting, initiating PPC ads management, and setting up design display ads for your daycare.

Whether you need a designer for your daycare website or a full redesign of your already existing website, we are highly equipped to set up the best marketing campaign for your daycare and make sure that you are reaching the right audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC)

start your own daycare business

In designing a promotion plan for your website, also ensure that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are both included because they will help to boost your online presence and yield faster results for your school.

In order for you to always rank in search results, use SEO and PPC alongside quality content as a part of your marketing plan.

It is estimated that about 92% of traffic from search engines are driven to the first page of search results. Your inability to appear on the first page spurs your daycare business at a disadvantage.

A local SEO company has the expertise to help you rank in the education niche and make sure that your website turns up in searches related to daycare.

Keyword Density And Marketing

Keyword density simply refers to how frequently you make use of specific keywords in your content. The density simply denotes the ratio of the number of occurrences of a keyword to the aggregate word count of your content.

You need to ensure that you rank for the densest keywords and you can also make use of various related keywords to add value to your content. We wrote a blog post on some of the best marketing hacks digital marketing agencies use in 2019. It’s definitely worth a read.

Social Media Engagement

start your own daycare business

Social media gives you an opportunity to build a brand. You can communicate in a number of ways to increase your social visibility. This is done through what you like, share, and recommend, how you interact with clients and visitors on your page, the kind of tone you employ, and more.

This will help your community to have insight into your services.

Social media has a lot of power. It is important for your daycare business to have a Facebook page which will be used to post updates and key information about important events and dates. For example, you could find info about school resumption dates, school activities, and more.

You will also get to be discovered easily as clients recommend you by simply liking your page and sharing your posts. One other way of marketing your daycare business effectively is to contribute meaningfully in online conversations that involve parents.

Paid advertising involves paying in order to display your daycare’s banner on a popular website’s ad space in order to increase traffic. Marketing campaigns can be deemed effective if they explore all the possible advertising channels.

This will help you expose your daycare business to a large number of users. Paid ads include PPC, PPI, and also display ads. Social media sites have also become great platforms for paid campaigns.

According to studies, about 72% of people who make purchases online abandon making the purchase and only an estimated 26% later return to make the purchase as long as they are retargeted. This shows that for you to increase the number of persons that you convert into clients for your childcare center, you must set up superb retargeting campaigns.

This will prove that you care about your clients’ experience and that you are giving attention to them.

Email Marketing

This is arguably the easiest way to market your daycare services. Emails let you build trust and connections with your clients. You can create a follow-up campaign and just set it on auto-pilot.

Email marketing can help to drive sales by gaining you more enrollments. You should include email marketing in your child services marketing plan. Using regular and informative emails to stay in touch with parents and they will appreciate you even more.

Email marketing is sometimes a forgotten art but even today it still stands as the number 1 converting action. Feel free to browse some of our email marketing automation options.



One way to keep your targeted audience glued is through the use of Infographics. You can make use of them in sharing relevant information about the activities that take place at your daycare. You can also use them for PR purposes or to address certain topics. Infographics are definitely a great marketing tool.

Promotional Videos

People are naturally drawn to videos online. Videos can be used to showcase the kids at your daycare playing, to speak on an interesting topic, to showcase testimonials from parents, and more.

You can record short promo videos about any aspect of your childcare center and post them on your social media channels or your site.

Directory Marketing

As much as people also use search engines to find what they want, they also make use of online directories. There are a lot of directories that you should ensure that your daycare center is listed in. Some of these directories are free and will help you get more online visibility (from the perspective of citation development). However, you can consider paid citation listings which will help you to acquire more leads.

Quality and volume play a key role in citation building. A lot of directory sites exist on the web, and you should ensure that you are listed on them as much as you can. You also need to be sure that you maintain consistency in citation listings and this will help you to increase in your ranking after a period of time.

This is because the search engines will begin to index your citations.

Get Rid of Childcare Enrollment Worries for Good

As a childcare owner or start-up, finding better strategies of getting more enrollments into your daycare center can be challenging. Parents go through a lot of stages before they can be convinced to do business with your childcare center. In order to improve your child care enrollment potentials, you need a digital marketing company.

These companies are specialists in implementing marketing strategies that will help to drive enrollment quickly. There are top 3 reasons why you need to hire a local SEO company for your daycare center –

To monitor your online reputation

An estimated 97% of potential clients determine the quality of any firm by checking reviews online. Your daycare center’s reputation is one of the factors that parents consider, and if they find just one negative review, you could end up losing a lot of customers.

Appear in Google Maps results

An estimated 25% of internet users access map results when trying to locate a local business. However, about 50% of businesses are listed incorrectly. A digital marketing company will ensure that you have a consistent and engaging local visibility which is optimized so that you can stay ahead of the competition and help parents connect with you faster.

Search Engine Optimization

It is estimated that about 92% of traffic from search engines are driven to the first page of search results. Your inability to appear on the first page spurs your daycare business at a disadvantage. A local SEO company has the expertise to help you rank in the education niche and make sure that your website turns up in searches related to daycare.

Online Reputation Management 

Today a lot of parents are beginning to be more involved in online conversations. An estimated 80% of parents carry out online research in order to decide on a good daycare center for their kids. It is important to know what these parents are discussing and what your reputation looks like. It is even more important to join the conversation.

Statistics show that about 72% of parents trust online reviews. This simply indicates that your online reputation should not be left to chance. It is important that you have a system that helps you to gain 5-star reviews.

A digital marketing company will create a reputation marketing system for you to help you get the best reviews. We will do the following for your daycare–

  • Provide techniques to help you acquire great online reviews so that you can translate them into effective marketing tools for your child care business.
  • We will gather the reviews ethically with the use of proprietary feedback systems and convert them to great tools for marketing in the form of videos, website content, posts on social media, and much more.

Local Seo Citation Listings

It is also important that you get listed in online business directories. This is very critical to the success of your daycare. Business directories are places where you can have your daycare center’s name, the address and the contact number listed.

Some popular business directories are Google, Bing, and also Yahoo. However, your potential clients could be using other directories too. There are lots of online directories that you can be listed on.

local SEO

Your business has to be accurately listed in these directories, and this will help your daycare center to appear more often in online searches. This will eventually translate into increased child care enrollment for you.

A lot of effort is needed in order for your daycare to get listed on the hundreds of directories out there. Our digital marketing company will help to put your daycare center on these listings in a specific way that will help your daycare to be easily recognized by sites like Google and Yahoo.

While these local maps have similarities with yellow pages, they are more effective. We will also ensure that your information is optimized and consistent in every directory.


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