Social Media Marketing Post Ideas for 2019

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Top Social Media Marketing Post Ideas for 2019

Social Media Marketing Introduction

Social media marketing can be a very powerful tool when it comes to customer connection. When used in the proper way, it can strengthen relationships, make room for in-depth engagements and improve customer satisfaction. Some small business owners have shown nervousness in implementing social media policies because they have uncertainties on the best ways these platforms can be used. Rightfully so when taking into account the looming threat of security breaches. These uncertainties should not prevent you from grabbing the opportunities social media presents, you just have to use it to your advantage. By keeping communication professional while focusing topics that matter to your customer base, the very essential groundwork for success will be laid.

Here are some social media post ideas to help improve engagements in 2019.


Utilize Videos for Facebook

katy social media marketing

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In 2019 video content will be king! Regular posts are needed for social media to work, and these have to be made as valuable as possible to customers. The best way to show this is through easily consumable content in the form of videos is a hot topic on social media, especially on Facebook. They give your audience a firsthand look at your business culture. Establishing this bond is what’s going to set businesses part in the new year and beyond. Now that so many other services are pushing custom video content, Facebook knows that quality video content will keep peoples attention better than pictures and text post. Facebook will now start to allow videos to have much more reach than any other type of content. This is a perfect opportunity to capitalize on the increased visibility.

Facebook has an easy-to-use feature which includes videos that can easily be posted and this helps you showcase different activities such as an employee of the week, consumer tips and general information about your business. Get creative, post any other videos relating to your company culture which conveys a positive message will be extremely beneficial.


Show Behind the Scenes Pictures

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Posts from “behind the scenes” are a perfect way to showcase what your business is all about. Stories like images, articles or materials which highlight what happens at your business that customers normally won’t see. Goofy photos and great stories make for a great way to both entertain and inform potential clients about who you are.

People love to see what happens behind the scenes at your business or center. This approach really humanizes your business and conveys an atmosphere that you are not just there to take their money. Having trouble coming up with fresh ideas? Include staff members in the creative process. Collectively everyone can come up with 10 ideas in a snap.

Behind the scenes, pictures of your employees doing something awkward and cute can also help in driving a message about the business. So everyone stay on guard! You never know when someone will snap a featured picture. LOL


Feature Bio’s of Team Members and General Staff Interactions

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This one is an awesome way for your team members to really feel part of the overall success of the business. Staff members can be featured either with some fun pictures or other pictures which show them with their families. Interesting stories can be told about the staff, and this can be done in a “did-you-know?” format or layout. This can be done creatively, and it goes a long way in passing a message to your audience about your work atmosphere and the types of employees you have and what they can offer potential customers.


Post Bio’s of Why You Started Your Business

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Sharing some history about your business, why and how you started will surely intrigue your audience. Here at E&E Marketing, we all want your business to succeed as its success will mean continued growth for everyone involved. Here are a few ideas that people would love to know about you. Give some of these a try!

  1. Why and how you started
  2. The unique features and benefits that makes your company different.
  3. Showcase your accomplishments and drives for success.
  4. What sets you apart from your competitors
  5. What is your company culture and how do you instill said culture into your employees.


Re-Post Your Blogs on All Your Social Media Accounts (A MUST!!)

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It is important for your ALL business to have a blog and it is best seen when you share and re-post your blogs on all your social media platforms. This makes your company a more relevant business. Ensure that the content of your blog has a rich value and connects well with your audience. Post about a subject they will be interested in learning about and topics that would want to come back for. One way to achieve this is by writing content about the latest trends in your industry.

You can use your blogs to introduce new services by showing helpful information which can cement trust in potential customers that you know what you’re doing. Blogs, when posted on social media, provide opportunities to show your expertise, personality and other helpful information about your business. This strengthens their appreciation in knowing that you really care about the service you are providing.

Never make the mistake of posting a link to your blog just once without posting again. Make sure to re-post multiple times, well spaced out with different wording and images. This is the key to getting a crazy amount of free visibility in a short amount of time!

So don’t pass up this opportunity.


Post a featured testimonial

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It is important to know your audience. If your business has a dedicated audience, it is important to let their voices be heard. What better way to do this then by showcasing a featured testimonial on your site for all to see.

This can be done by sharing their kind quotes on your website and social media accounts. Create a cool graphic with their testimonials then share it as a featured post. This creates a social proof so that potential customers know that you are a reputable business.  It is also very important to remember to include their first name and/or their social media handles.


(Cross-promotion) Promote other local businesses and get them to promote yours too

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When you promote or share content of other businesses that work with you or offer complimentary services, it not only saves time by creating a simple shout out post, it adds some positivity to the feeds of your audience. You can also recommend your audience to ‘like’, ‘share’ or ‘retweet’ each other’s pages and posts. This will show how good your business works with others and how much your business relates to customers and values other businesses.

Please don’t think that you are selling yourself short by promoting someone else’s business. Cross-promotion has shown to be one of the most profitable practices to a business’ bottom line. Think of it as a partnership without the financial liability.  So keep an eye out for other local businesses that can help spread the word of your services.

Post pictures from the past (Throw-back, this is our favorite one!)

katy social media marketing

A lot of people love viewing old pictures! You can share some of your old photos or clips from the past, as this creates a certain trust level that the new customers need to have with you. You can also post some old pictures of you and your staff members using a throwback hashtag #tb

Tell the stories behind the pictures. Some of those stories could be a blog post in itself. LOL

You can also put up funny photos of your staff back in high school or pictures of them as children. All this makes your business unique, welcoming and awesome. Just have fun with it!


Where do I start with my social media marketing?


katy social media marketing

Social media marketing can benefit all sorts of businesses whether they own a small business or are attached to a larger company. The enlisted strategies should do well to get to the potential customers doing research on your business, which helps cultivate the relationship before the customer even speaks with you. In a bid to reach their target markets, some industries have a huge job to do. There is also an issue of privacy in publishing information online. It is important to place privacy very high in some fields such as childcare, tax offices, and credit unions.

The use of word of mouth or verbal outreach used to be the main source of traffic for most industries. In times past, professionally printed business cards, tracts, flyers and some customized gifts items such as pens or pencils used to be the only marketing they needed to catch a new customer’s attention. With the steady rise in competition over recent years and in locally strategic areas, being unique and well heard is becoming a big challenge and often difficult to achieve. Social media is word of mouth in the digital age as it provides a real solution for businesses no matter the size.

So with so many choices, where the heck do you start? We already covered what to post but now you need to know where to post it.

How To Attract New Customers

Here are some ways that you can make use of social media marketing to communicate and attract new customers;


Aww, Facebook. This is a pretty easy one but did you know that overuse in ads is starting to cause a decline in users. We have all experienced it. You scroll down your feed and it feels like there are more ads then pictures of your friends and family. Remember earlier when we talked about the rankings of videos on Facebook? This is the perfect example as to why you need to start including videos into your social media marketing strategy. You need to produce video content that can grab someone’s attention as soon as they try to scroll past you. The more likes and shares that video gets, the more Facebook will display the video.

Any industry can use the Facebook platform for social media marketing by creating a page for targeting new customers or for external marketing and outreach. A private group should also be formed for current customers, and this is essential in building a sense of loyalty. Private groups are also a great way to reward current customers for their continued patronage ensuring that they will not go to a competitor. You can post special offers, customer appreciation days, articles and other relevant ideas on the main business page then share with the private group.

Creating a sense of family is very important, so you should always find ways to do so. Local family-friendly events can also be shared, and special outings and contests can be announced.

Facebook geo-tagging makes it easier for those around the areas where your business is located to easily find you. When you are online, take note to engage with your customer’s comments. Don’t just let them do all the work. Host Q and A sessions or ask that their favorite dishes are.

The sky is the limit!


Now Twitter comes in second but surprisingly is close to Facebook’s squirt tales.  We recommend that posts from Facebook can be set to be automatically shared on Twitter and when ideas and other interesting information is retweeted it gives life and rise to some really cool discussions. Additionally, as a business owner, you can also post some interesting facts about your industry that the public may not be aware of. This gives evidence to the fact that you pay attention to potential clients need to see what you are all about.

This is the way to set yourself apart from the pack. Current and potential customers will love the interaction and information that you provide. Why do you ask? Mostly because Twitter gives you short, easy post that can be consumed on the fly. Customers don’t need to sit down and read a lengthy blog post. They just want to know what’s happening, when it happened and what was the resolutions. Bing, Bam, Boom! This makes Twitter at the top social media marketing routine. Location-based tweets can also help you to reach people living nearby so don’t forget to allow location access.


Pinterest is not just for arts and crafts anymore. Full company ads strategies are hosted on Pinterest. Best of all pins can breed a life of their own. Just like retweeting, people and pin your posts to their message boards and other people can see them. If they like you post they can pin it to their boards and so on. That is a ton of free advertising! Pinterest is another platform where any industry can benefit from. All of have to do is get creative, or better yet, use all of your old blog post as pins. No need to create custom material only for Pinterest. Just create an eye catchy cover art and a head-turning title and there you go.


In the case of Youtube for social media marketing, you can create a professional video which can still be a lot of fun to watch. These videos can give a story about how the business functions and also feature permitted videos showing customer testimonials. We can’t say this enough, video content will explode in a big way this year so stay ahead of the curve.


Another productive platform for social media marketing is Instagram. It creates a great opportunity for you to share pictures. Staff photos and activities can also be shared to keep memories and create a fun environment. Our advice is for you to videos on Instagram Story. These videos get more views because they are instantly featured at the top of your followers feed. This will catch their attention better than just a regular post.

E-mail marketing

This one will never go out of style. You can and should be making use of email marketing to share information about your services. It gives room to communicate events, closures, and reminders as well as other activities. It also provides an opportunity to share awards won by your business and specialist discounts for newsletter subscribers. Social media trends will come and go but email marketing will never fade away.

From time to time, daycare providers may need to interact with current customers to find how they want their communication to improve and the content they like or prefer to see. This platform, (i.e., e-mail marketing) helps daycare providers to relate with such customers and get necessary information which enables them to improve their social media marketing strategies.

Let’s Review


  • It’s vital for you to remember goals and always add value to your customers. Use social media as an outlet of communication not a pass time.
  • Improve customer service and make it easier for your staff to communicate with current and potential customers.
  • It is also important for you to interact in the social media community so that your business will become widely visible and significantly recognized.
  • Potential clients feel more comfortable spending their hard earned money on you, showcasing positive interactions will help you convert onlookers to paying customer.

Let’s face it, social media is here to stay, as such, social media marketing needs to be an integral part of your overall digital process. We really hope this article helps put a lot of things into perspective for you. Social media marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, it just has to be done.

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