Social Media Marketing Basics: Social Overview

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social media marketing basics

Social Media Marketing Basics: Understanding Google Analytics Social Overview

Google Analytics account is more than a blessing as it helps to understand exactly what’s happening under the hood of your website. One of the most important concepts of social media marketing basics is to know which social media account you should focus on.

Entire Analytics Series in Order:

In the event that you stumble upon this series out of the intended order, I have included links for all of the articles in this series. It’s recommended that you try to follow them in order because one concept will start to build off of the one that came before it.

Here are the links for your review if you should need them:

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2 Social Overview

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5 Understanding Demographics

Follow the followers!

By understanding your audience, Google Analytics plays a vital role in the scalability of your business. To better understand your audience on a more personal level, Google Analytics Social Overview is the section you must know inside and out.

Navigating Social Overview

You can find Social Overview under the Acquisition tab:


social media marketing basics


Why should you focus on the Social Overview? Because it helps to measure the direct impact of social media on your website and your brand. This section provides a detailed analysis of different networks connecting with your website. This will let show you the direct impact your social media marketing efforts are having on driving traffic to your offer.

How Social Overview Works

It provides information about website user engagement, the number of sessions by the active users and how a user lands on your website. The graph line helps to know your targeted audience connectivity and can be improved by selecting a few goals and objectives. By tracking social media audience you can start to paint the picture of your social media presence.

Naturally, Facebook is going to be a big driver of traffic but the screenshot below tells us that Pinterest is the next highest traffic source, not Instagram. You would think Instagram should be the next on the list but it’s not.

So what does this mean? If we spent countless hours creating content for Instagram without peering into the analytics we would be wasting valuable time. So what do we do? We create high-quality content for both and Facebook and Pinterest.

Don’t neglect the other social media platforms but don’t kill yourself trying to create content for them exclusively.

social media marketing basics 2

To get ranked, it is necessary to know the most popular content and web pages. This is part of social media marketing basics 101. Know what attracts them so that you can find a way to keep them.

There is a concept that I wrote about a while back that still holds true today. The concept of A.I.C.C. is an acronym that should be at the forefront of all of your marketing efforts. It stands for Awareness, Interest, Consideration, and Conversion. This is commonly referred to as a marketing funnel but we like to reference it as a cycle.

social media marketing basics

Social Media Marketing Basics

In order to convert a visitor into a paying customer, they have to come full circle with A.I.C.C. Oh and just use the letter separately when saying it. Aicc just doesn’t have a good ring to it. Haha

Ok now back to the lesson.


In order for a visitor to know about your service, they have to become “Aware” of you. You can do this by putting an offer in front of them or creating a piece of content that they want to know more about. There are tons of ways of doing this but for this example, we’ll use social media as our advertising channel. Let’s say you create a post on Facebook. Someone scrolling through their feed sees your post and stops. They have now reached the Awareness stage of the A.I.C.C. cycle.

In order to make them stop in the first place, you must create an eye-catching post that makes them stop and take notice. In a sea of information overload, this is sometimes harder than you think. Spend some time testing different creatives and text to find out what works best for your target audience.

If you struggle with social media post ideas head on over to your article on “Top Social Media Post Ideas for 2019“. It is chalked full of useful tips to up your social media marketing game to the next level.


Ok so now you stopped them but can you hold their attention? This part of the cycle speaks for itself. You must be able to hold their Interest long enough for them to even consider moving one to the next phase in the cycle.


This is a crucial step! The reason this step is crucial is that its the moment a visitor is Considering the possibility of becoming a customer. You have to deliver a compelling pitch while building trust. If you peek into the mind of the customer, their gears are slowly turning. They are trying to see whether or not they need or want your offer and any little thing can deter them from it.

This stage is the tipping point that makes or breaks your social media marketing. I recommend you create a value stack that they can’t refuse. Bombard them with so much value they just can turn down the offer. You can give them free merchandise or add-on perks if they act now. This will tip them in your favor to close the deal and convert to a customer.


In the marketing world, Conversion is the act of making a prospect create an action. Now that could be a purchase, or a sign-up or just a click on your social media post. The act of converting a person from one state to another is the art of social media marketing basics.

At this stage in the cycle, that visitor is now your customer. They performed the intended action regardless of what that was. All of this was possible because you knew the where, when and how of your website data. My goal is to show you how the data can work in your favor if you just spend a little time reviewing it. You don’t have to spin your wheels in the mud anymore, you just have to know where to direct your attention.

Thanks for sticking with us during our Understanding Google Analytics series. To track the fundamental metrics of your top ranked pages; we’ll discuss this in the next post in this series.

If you want to go ahead and read up on how the bounce rate affects your ranking click HERE.


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