Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Performance-Based Results

Why is Search Engine Optimization something I should invest in?

According to reports, for a business to make it through the death valley period which is the period between the first 2 to 5 years, it needs to have an impressive and large customer base.

While there are certain ways these businesses can increase their customer base, one of the most prominent of them is “creating an online presence.”

There are several ways businesses can increase their online presence.

Search engine optimization is one of the key processes you must invent in you truly want to cultivate a lasting online presence.

A completely optimized website can turn your business into a lead generation magnet while you sleep. This is the best part of search engine optimization.

NO Costly Ad Budgets
High Search Engine Rankings
Listing Return On Investment

…the list goes on!

Play the Long Game

Why do SEO if I can just do paid ads for lead generation?

Paid lead generation definitely has its place in all performance-based marketing strategies. The biggest hurdle to starting out with paid ads is where will the customer land when they want to research your brand?

Will the customer trust your brand if your website does have the look and feel of a legitimate company. If the customer tries to search your by industry, will you show up on page 1, 2, or 59?

Here at E&E Marketing, we create gorgeous websites with the added benefit of full search engine optimization.

This is the long play you must consider when moving forward with any search engine optimization plan regardless of what company you hire.

Any worthwhile search engine optimization plan will balance all of the key factors needs to execute this as efficiently as possible.

If you are looking for the 1-2 combo then paid ads WITH search engine optimization will blast your LEADS THROUGH THE ROOF!

Let us help you make a splash. Sign up for our FREE search engine optimization audit today!

Free SEO Audit

How does SEO work?

Project Round Table

We define your individual goals and create custom strategies that we can implement immediately.

SEO Audit

Create a baseline for your current website’s SEO performance based on analytics and show you the possible areas that need improvement.

In some cases, a full website redesign is necessary to compete in the new digital landscape that we live in.

Keyword Research

The biggest benefit of our FREE AUDIT is an opportunity for you to discover exactly what are the keywords you need to rank for.

This is either enlightening or shocking at times because we discover terms and combinations of keywords you may have never known.

Competitive Analysis

A key process in the search engine optimization audits of your website is to “spy” on the competition. We will see what terms they are using to rank higher on Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as what backlinks they have created.

We analysis them then competitively work to outrank them at every turn.