SEO Optimization Tips 2019 That Will Save You $1000’s

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seo optimization tips 2019

SEO Optimization Tips 2019 That Will Save You $1000’s


How to save money with SEO optimization 2019

According to reports on SEO optimization tips 2019, for a business to make it through the death valley period which is the period between the first 2 to 5 years, it needs to have an impressive and large customer base. While there are certain ways these businesses can increase their customer base, one of the most prominent of them is “creating an online presence.” There are several ways businesses can increase their online presence.

How Keyword Density Effects Your Ranking

seo optimization tips 2019

This refers to the percentage or number of times a phrase or keyword appears on a web page compared to the total number of words found on the page. This is used to determine the relevance of a web page to a specified keyword or keywords.

To calculate the keyword density of a web page or website, you will have to divide the exact number of times a given keyword is mentioned by the total exact number of words on the page.

While there are no stated guidelines or rules when it comes to the keyword density of a web page, there are certain considerations that all industries can take to increase their social media presence.

One thing businesses should not consider doing is “stuffing keywords.” This practice became popular over a decade ago. It simply refers to the act or practice of cramming many keywords as possible on a web page. This means that most of the keywords will be placed in sentences that make them unnatural to readers. Please don’t be that person. If you listen to anything from these SEO optimization tips 2019, this is the one.

This practice at that time gave those businesses that engage in their top-spot ranking on Google. With the development of a more sophisticated algorithm for checking keywords, this act became obsolete as Google now penalized sites who do it. In other words, it is important that you avoid stuffing keywords to a web page if you want to increase your online presence.

While there are no guidelines when it comes to keywords, it is advised that the keyword density change depending on the content of the webpage.

Most in the SEO optimization tips 2019 communities have agreed that having or including one keyword in a 200-word content is best. This means that if a webpage is to contain about 200 words, only one keyword should be included. Although this does not mean that you can only include one keyword, you can safely include more without being penalized by Google.

What Are Focused Keywords

This is very important for all businesses seeking to increase their online presence. For their web pages to be ranked higher by Google, they are expected to make use of focused and well-articulated keywords that are relevant to the particular industry or niche they are in.

Focused Keywords could also refer to the key concluding terms that clearly indicate what your page content is all about. Although your focus keyword for your webpage content is not the exact keyword, you tell Google to rank, rather it is the keyword on which you optimize your webpage content on.

Directory Citations, How To Get Them

seo optimization tips 2019

This is actually the best way to rank higher for all local searches. This is one of the key ways businesses can increase their online website presence. These citations are not links; they are simply references with information about your business.

It includes the name of your business, the address of your business, and NAP or phone on local review sites. When ranking websites, Google scrapes these third-party directories and listing sites and take the data into account when determining which webpage to show for all Geo-targeted searches.

One of the main reasons why most businesses have failed in this regard is that they hire VA’s and outsource this task that ordinarily should be done by them. This has resulted in the inconsistency of information that has been provided, thus, causing more harm than good to their online presence.

To increase your online website presence, it is important that your directory citation or NAP information provided is credible and consistent as Google takes a considerable amount of time to evaluate the credibility of real and genuine businesses based on the information that has been provided.

This importance of citations or NAP is the same with providing credible and consistent information as Google would not rank any website that provides inconsistent information. To avoid this inconsistency, it is advised that you fill this information by yourself.

Claiming The Top 5 Directory Listing

To increase your online website presence, your business page should claim the top 5 directory list. These directories are; Google My Business, Yahoo Small Business, Bing Business, Yelp, and Angie’s list.

Google My Business

Google has a listing service that is directed at small businesses as well as other small businesses. As a business owner, the first step you have to take to increase your online presence is by claiming or adding your business to this directory list.

Once this is completed, your business location, services, and contact information will appear across the Google+ and Google Map sites as well as gain traction in the result of the search engine.

Bing Business

It is important that you have your business listed on all of the three major search engines. Asides from having your business listed on Google, listing it on Microsoft’s Bing is also a good idea.

This directory allows businesses not only to add their listing, but also allows them to add their business information like the location, contact information, and service they offer.


Although this directory has received a lot of negative reviews it is one that should not be overlooked by small businesses. Once your business has been listed in this directory, you have to carefully monitor the company page as well as reply unsatisfied customers.

Yahoo Small Business

This is another important directory that small businesses should not overlook. Business owners should add their business to this directory to increase their online presence.

Angie’s list

This directory although not popular is one that business owners should not overlook.


More Startling SEO Optimization Tip 2019 Facts About Ranking Your Website

While seeking to ensure that their websites rank higher on Google and other search engines, most business owners underestimate the importance of blog posts. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why websites and businesses, in general, should update their websites with engaging and unique blog contents. While blogs are important, blogs that are engaging, intriguing, and captivating will definitely get the attention of readers, thus, increasing the website traffic. Also, it is important that they make use of keywords while doing this, it is also important that they do not stuff their contents with keywords as this could get them penalized.

How Blogs Impacts Websites

seo optimization tips 2019

Blogs increase search engine ranking

When it comes to blogs and search engines, you could easily refer to the entire process as fishing. This is one of our top local SEO optimization tips 2019. Ordinarily, the more hooks you throw into the water, your chances of catching a fish increases. Similarly, when you add engaging and well-articulated blogs to your website, more pages from your website become indexed in search engines. Adding blogs to your website generally increases website traffic at the same time improving organic search visibility. Any new blog content you add to your website is literally like dropping another hook into the water. The more blog posts you have on your website, the more chances you have to be ranked higher by search engines.

Blogs support your business social media initiatives

Presently it has become difficult for businesses to have and maintain an active social media presence without having unique, well-articulated, and high-quality contents that can be shared. While it is good to share the content of other websites, there are times when you will need to have contents to share that will increase your website traffic. Without having blogs on your website, it will be impossible to generate the needed traffic for your growing website.

The more blog posts you share from your website to your followers on social media, the more traffic your business website gets. Without having quality, unique, and engaging blog contents, it would become impossible to generate traffic that would facilitate the growth of your business.

Blogs give you a brand

While it is important to write the “About Us” and “Homepage” for your website, they cannot be compared to having unique and quality blogs when it comes to showing your customers the personal side of your business. Generally, blog contents give your business this touch on issues and concerns that may be of concern or interest to your potential customers, at the same time, it helps to share to your prospective customers what you and your employees are passionate about and how your business will improve their lives. They give you this unique opportunity to share with your audience your ideas while increasing the trust and increasing the likable quotient of your brand.

Blogs increase conversion rates

according to a report that was published by Hubspot, the overall Return On Investment (ROI) will increase for companies or businesses that blog. The report further states that businesses that blog experience 13 times increase in their ROI each year. Having blogs on your website sends a signal to prospective customers that you are alive, that you are still in business, and that they can trust you with their funds. While it is important that websites blog, it is also important that they do it regularly as it not only helps them become likable brands, it also helps them improve their conversion rates.

Blogs help establish businesses in a particular industry or niche

Regularly updating your website with quality, high-quality, and engaging blogs will help establish your business or brand as one of the leaders or experts in your field or niche. Blogs give you a platform to share important contents that are related to the industry, it makes you the go-to website for all industry related concerns or problems, thus, increasing your website traffic.

As you regularly update your website with blogs, you build an authority in the niche that at the same time breeds trust, familiarity, and keeps you in the mind of prospective customers.

Blogs help your website rank for long-tail searches

Ordinarily, a website without a blog will find it almost impossible to rank for long-tail search queries. To explain better, a business website without a blog will find it easy to rank for short-tail search queries like “Pete’s Warehouse,” but will find it almost impossible to rank for long-tail search queries like; “why do I need the services of a daycare center.” So with a blog, websites would be able to rank higher for long-tail search queries. Interestingly, according to reports, it has been revealed that more people engage in long-tail search queries, meaning that with a blog, your website would rank higher and get the needed traffic that will facilitate the growth of the business.

Blogs increase leads

A study conducted by Hubspot has revealed that blogs lead to over 55% increase in web visitors, a 97% increase in inbound links, and 434% increase in indexed pages. This study clearly reveals the importance of blogs to your website. Those in the local SEO optimization community have also stated that blogging is the most important step that businesses should take if they want to increase their online traffic.

The more blog contents on your website, the more leads you are able to generate to your website. Also, blogs give website and business owners the opportunity to connect and communicate with their customers as well as attend to the issues and concerns of prospective clients and customers. Blogs tell your prospective customers that you are ready for business and that you are open to criticisms.


The importance of having well-articulated, unique and engaging blog contents on your website cannot be overemphasized. It helps businesses gain website traffic, improve their conversion rates, increase their leads as well as establish them as leaders in their industry.


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