Secret to Increasing Daycare Enrollment

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The Secret Behind Increasing A Daycare Business Enrollment



Increasing daycare business enrollment is actually the most important thing that should be on the mind of all daycare providers. Although there are no already outlined methods that should be used, there are certain secrets that most in the industry have overlooked. We will take a look at some of them.

This article is more geared towards current daycare business owners, if you’re looking to scale your business then you are in the right place. If you are just researching on how to start your own daycare business then mosey on over to our other blog post on how to get a new business off the ground.

Marketing For Your Daycare Business

Currently, no one will be willing to trust their money nor their kids to people that they do not have substantial information about. The first step every daycare facility should endeavor to do is reach out to more people. They have to market their services to people. Marketing is a general term that covers various angles, so when we mean marketing here, we refer to all angles. You could market through the “word-of-mouth,” through social media platforms, through your blogs, etc. Adopting most of these marketing strategies will definitely see your facility experience an increase in enrollment.

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The first step to effective marketing of a daycare business is showing your prospective customers what you are able to do and how you plan to do so. You need to have an outline of how your daycare facility will care for these children and the steps and procedures that will be taken to make it a success. Creating a website could be a fine way to market and increase enrollment daycare. You could make use of social media to market and increase enrollment. There are several social media platforms and tools that can be used to so this.

Make Use Of Keywords For All Your Blogs

Most people in several industries do not realize the importance of keywords and how they can help increase enrollment. Keywords are generally phrases or words that are used to describe what the content is about.

With the right keywords, a large number of people will get access to your website, thus, increasing the number of those who enroll. These keywords are linchpins between what individuals are searching for and the content that you provide. Unknown to most people their contents do not attract the type of audience that they need for their website.

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Keyword Vocabulary

So it is important that blogs for your website are tailored to have the desired industry keywords in them. While adding keywords, it is important that you do not engage in “keywords stuffing” as this would be penalized by Google.

There are actually two types of keywords that you can add to your content to increase the number of kids in your center. They are;

Long-tail keywords

This refers to keywords that are quite long. They are keywords that are made up of about 3 to 5 words. It has been revealed that they tend to get lower traffic when compared to the other keyword type. Although they are less popular, long-tail keywords are targetted at specific searches, and they also come with less competition.

Example of a long-tail keyword is: Daycare business in Seattle Washington

If someone is typing in this phrase then you know that they are actively shopping for a daycare business in the Seattle area. If you are a daycare business owner in that area then this is a keyword string you would want to target.

Short-tail keywords

Refer to search phrases with only one word. This keyword type is searched more often, and it is more popular as it is able to generate more traffic.

With these two keyword types mentioned, it is important that daycare centers seeking to increase their enrollment attach both the long and the short-tail keywords to their blog contents. This would not only help them increase their Google local SEO ranking but will also help them attract more visitors to their website, which indirectly translates to an increased number of kids.

You could make use of these short and long-tail keywords for specific posts and to reach a larger audience. Also, your selected keywords should correlate with the traditional industry keywords.

Example of a short-tail keyword is: Daycare Business

This keyword sting is much more generic and not as focused as our long tail example. This keyword could mean anything from someone researching the daycare industry or someone wanting to find one near by.

Both of these are worth putting into your marketing plan but your sales with come from longer phase keywords. Just keep that in mind.

Increase Exposure To Community Members

Since the target audience is parents, it is important that you increase your exposure in your community. There are several ways you can do so. It can be done by organizing seminars, conferences, or general meetings. These meetings will give you the opportunity to inform these parents about how daycare would contribute to the mental and emotional growth of their kids.

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Also increasing exposure could mean talking to more parents, carrying out campaigns enumerating the need for parents to send their kids to daycare centers, etc.

Have a plan and ensure to follow this plan. Another way you could increase exposure is by placing ads on local newspapers and media outlets. You could start a campaign to educate parents on why daycare should be an option to them and how this activity will impact their lives. Another effective way to increase your exposure is to reach out to local schools. You could even go as far as partnering with school management.

Do Not Always Post About Your Daycare Business

When writing contents for your website, it is important that you do not just post contents of your business, you have to give value to parents that are expecting kids. You have to impart knowledge to them. Offer them certain tips that would help them as they travel on this journey. You have to offer substantial reasons why a parent or mother-to-be would want to leave their kids with you. You could discuss the Importance of daycare service to parents without necessarily mentioning your business.

You could also offer expectant mothers helpful tips that would help in childbirth and how they should care for their kids during that early phase. While doing this, ensure to link it to why daycare services should be a perfect choice for them.

To increase the number of kids in your daycare center, you have to offer value to parents. Also, remember that this would not be an easy task in any way. Give them tangible reasons either through the local newspapers or through your website. Also, take an interest in children and how they should be cared for as this could be a fine reason why a parent would want to leave their kids with you.


How Can I Promote My Daycare Business Online

While children are so adorable, they can at the same time get on the nerve of their parents. Daycare is the perfect solution to this problem. While there are several daycare businesses available, it is important that they reach their target audience. One way they can do this is by promoting their business online. There are several ways you can promote your daycare business; we will discuss some of these ways;

By creating a professional website;

We are in the digital world and building a website is one way to promote businesses in this century. You could easily get a professional website; this website does not have to be expensive, a simple template could do the magic. Creating a website is the first step that you have to take to promote your business.


after creating a website, the next step to take is to regularly upload your website with engaging, captivating, unique, and high-quality contents that will attract traffic to your website. Blogging is actually one of the most important steps that daycare businesses seeking to promote and increase their traffic should consider doing. If you don’t have a dedicated website you may consider setting up a free blog site with The Blogger.

According to several reports, blogging has the potential to increase the Return On Investment (ROI) of business about 13 times annually. Also, it has been reported that it increases the leads your website has by 55%, it also increases your website quick links by 97% at the same time increasing your indexed pages by 432%.

Blogging helps give your business a brand, helps your business increase its conversion rate at the same time helps in the promotion of your business. It gives you contents to share on social media platforms that will help promote your business. Also, blogging establishes you as one of the leaders or experts in the daycare industry.

Make use of keywords

keywords are generally ideas and topics that are put in place to determine what your content is about. They are also words or phrases that searchers input into search engines like Google. It is important that the keywords on your website are relevant to the industry as well as the people searching your website, this is to ensure that they have a better chance of finding your website among their search results.

One of the most important features or points of keywords is that they help websites rank higher on search engines. Ranking higher makes the website accessible to searchers, increasing website traffic and indirectly promoting the business.

Social media

the introduction of the internet led to the development of social media platforms. These social media platforms have made it easy for those in the child care industry to promote their businesses as well as reach their target audience. Most of these social media platforms give businesses the opportunity to connect with their current and prospective customers.

These social media platforms offer businesses the opportunity to convince their prospective customers to buy or invest in their business. It also affords them the opportunity to check who visits and wants to inquire about their services.

Social media also helps businesses find new customers. It gives them the opportunity to reach out to new customers, thus, increasing traffic on their website. It also creates an avenue for open communication. Provides an opportunity for new and old customers to address issues that concern them, thus, creating an environment for the business owner to respond quickly.

The importance of social media in promoting daycare businesses cannot be overemphasized. It is one of the helpful tools for advertising. Most of these social media platforms have offered users the opportunity to reach a larger audience with just smaller fees. Also, as mentioned earlier, it offers them the opportunity to communicate with their customers, share ideas and seek suggestions for new business policies that should be introduced.

In a recent study, it was revealed that social media is currently one of the top three ways to promote any business. With this in mind, it is important that business owners seek multiple ways to use these effective tools to their advantage.

Best Practices To Help Your Business Website Rank

While there are no specified rules or guidelines that should be followed when it comes to keywords and online promotions, there are certain tips that have proven to be effective. These tips include;

  1. Have a well-defined keywords list; while it is unreasonable to think that you will pull top for every Google ranking in your industry or niche, it is important that you rank on the most desired or most effective keywords that pertain to the child care industry.
  2. Your blog contents should be engaging; what is the point of having a blog content that does not engage your prospective customers? It is pointless. With this in mind, it is important that you tailor your blogs to contents that will be engaging, simple to understand, unique, high-quality and well-articulated.
  3. Track your leads; for you to optimize the results of your local SEO, it is vital you measure the impact of the efforts you put into the promotion of your website. Measuring the impact will help you determine if the efforts are yielding results and also to see if another strategy should be implored.
  4. Make use of ALT tags; ALT tags are basic elements of HTML that are used to specify alternative texts to be displayed when the element they have been applied to cannot be rendered. It has been revealed that ALT tags have strong correlations with Google ranking, so it is advised that when you have images and other elements on your web pages, always add descriptive ALT tags with targetted keywords for the webpage.
  5. Meta descriptions are important; generally, Google is designed in such a way that it displays the meta description of web contents beneath the page title in their organic search results. Although meta descriptions are not as important as page titles, they play an enormous role in getting numerous clicks from users.


The tips mentioned here are some that have been overlooked by most people, but they have proven to be helpful. Creating value in your daycare business is important when it comes to increasing the profitability of a business, endeavor to give these parents tangible reasons to entrust their kids to you.


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