Performance-Based Pay Per Click Marketing


What exactly is performance-based pay per click marketing? The primary basis of these types of campaigns is the ability to use expert level analytics to drive highly qualified buyers to your product or service.

What’s the difference between performance-based pay per click marketing and just pay per click marketing? The key difference is in the interpretation of the data collected and using that data to develop a comprehensive “look-a-like” audience. This allows your marketing budget to stretch even further while delivering your ideal customer.

Can I just do this myself? This is a common question most business owners ask us so we prepared a digital marketing checklist that you can review to see if hiring a digital marketing agency is right for you!

Most digital marketing agencies will delivery a fairly generic marketing plan. They find keywords in your industry, apply your daily budget, and move onto the next customer assuming ZERO liability for the results. You basically get what you get.

Ultimately they are working for your monthly retainer and that’s it!

We believe you should hold us completely responsible for your results. If another company can maintain a better conversation rate than us then you definitely need to hire them because they are top notch. We know what we deliver to you, the customer, are results that can be replicated time and time again.

That is the essence of what performance-based pay per click marketing is all about!

Grow Your Business

Through hyper-targeted pay per click marketing strategies we help businesses grow their revenue through ROI/data driven pay per click campaigns that make clients smile.

Campaign Build Approach

We create customized keyword campaigns targeted to your exact customer base while trimming unwanted traffic reduce wasteful ad spending.

Custom Ad Copy & Split Testing

Generating action in a social environment requires specialized experience and constant micro-adjustments to find the perfect blend of visuals and text copy.

Remarketing / Retargeting

In addition to closing previous visitors and custom audiences, social ads are uniquely suited to re-engaging past and current customers.

Continuous Bid Management

Our wealth of experience means we know when to deploy the network’s bid optimization, use a platform bid optimizer, or to apply manual strategies.

Audience Targeting

We leverage Google’s powerful consumer data and lookalike modeling to find your ideal next customers.

Pay Per Click Marketing / PPC Gets You Infront of

The Right Customers!

The only way to grow and expand is to gain the right exposure where it counts! We have helped numerous businesses achieve results through pay per click marketing ad campaigns that bring in the ideal customers right when they need them.

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