Marketing on Facebook? 5 Reasons Why You Should Be

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Marketing on Facebook? 5 Reasons Why You Should Be


Is marketing on Facebook really necessary?

If you haven’t already noticed, advertising on the internet and social media have transformed into a multi-billion dollar industry with adverts being commonplace on many websites. Marketing on Facebook is no different. In fact, in many cases, this sheer number of ads we come across daily has created ad blindness in many web surfers.

However, there is one site where advertising is extremely effective for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that adverts are well placed and highly relevant to a targeted audience. And this site, of course, is Facebook.


Use Facebook’s Massive Audience


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Marketing on Facebook, as well as social media marketing in general, has grown to become one of the most popular sites on the Internet with over 400 million users.  Facebook currently sits with an Alexa traffic rank of 2 which is insane. In fact, tens of thousands of people are joining Facebook every day. With that type of reach, the company has quickly realized the value of their user base to advertisers.


How To Target Specific Demographics on Facebook


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The big advantage to you, as a business owner, is that you can target extremely specific demographics. The most successful businesses using Facebook today, have come to realize that advertising to specific demographic can easily be achieved by creating ads that let you target such things as sex, location, age, interest and so on. This means that instead of your advertisements being displayed to anyone and everyone they are only displayed to a highly targeted and focused audience. Best of all, this targeted audience already has a vested interest in your product! That’s the beauty of social media marketing in this day and age.

Naturally, this means that you will get a much higher click-through rate, as well as a much higher, take up rates on whatever you are advertising.


Facebook’s Cheaper Pay Per Click Rates vs Google Adwords


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Unlike pay per click marketing where the costs per click can be extremely expensive, many businesses prefer the more attractive price of Facebook ads based on the same pay per click model. You can target highly competitive niches for much less than you would expect to pay on, say, Google AdWords.

Marketing on Facebook also provides you with built-in conversion tracking and the ability to tweak ads in real time, much like your AdWords ads. This can help you to improve your ads performances and increase earnings.

Social Media Marketing 101: Variety of Ad Choices! 


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You also have the ability to create an image and text-based ads, which makes for very effective advertising. Choose an eye-catching picture that is related to your advert and people will instantly be drawn to it. It is important that your initial impression is right for your audience. Making the right image or video ad connected to the right audience will make your click-through rate go through the roof. Sweeten the offer and you have yourself a winning combination.

You choose from two different models that many successful businesses marketing on Facebook continue to use. Those two methods are either pay per click or pay per impression. Which you choose would depend upon your business, budget and how your target market acts. If you are expecting a high click-through rate then pay per impression (CPM) can be a much more attractive prospect for you.

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There is an additional benefit too, you can pay in your local currency. Instead of being forced to pay for your ads in US Dollars, you can use your local currency, making it cheaper because you are not being charged a currency conversion fee by your credit card company.


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If you are a business that needs to market your service and are looking at getting highly targeted traffic to your website or offer, then Facebook is definitely for you. With good pricing, the ability to target by demographics (something you can’t do with pay per click systems) and the ability to create ads containing both text and images you can seriously boost your sales from marketing on Facebook. If you haven’t yet looked into using social media marketing for your business then now is the time because it is becoming increasingly popular. Where else can you target over 400 million potential customers at such a great price?

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