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What is Review Management?

Public relations is a critical component of any digital marketing strategy and is a valuable business tool for brands across various verticals.

Both digital marketing and online PR hold a wealth of opportunity, and the very best marketing experts use PR as a tool to accomplish their digital marketing objectives.

Whether you’re considering PR consulting, or a complete digital PR strategy, it’s important to understand how this will play a role in fulfilling your brand’s unique needs.

How to measure the success of your digital public relations campaign?

Effective Digital PR can be measured by annotating the PR hits in Google Analytics and measuring how much referral traffic has been gained from those Digital PR hits.

By analyzing and tracking how well the site’s landing pages rank for targeted keywords also assists in determining the success of a brand’s Digital PR strategy.

What’s the difference between traditional public relations and digital public relations?

Traditional PR uses high circulation, readership, and viewer ratings to determine who to approach when selling in content to media houses and publishers.

Even traditional PR’s who claim to ‘do digital’ still use this method.

Digital PR doesn’t exclusively focus on the number of followers on social media sites and readers before approaching them. It also focuses on evaluating domain authority and non-paid opportunities for link citations.

The success of Digital PR is, as a result, more measurable than Traditional PR.

Do digital public relations really work?

If you find yourself in a publicist breakup thinking that PR has let you down, consider for a moment that it might not be PR that is failing you.

n this day and age, great media coverage only equates to the overall campaign success you want when it is paired with the right web and social elements to complete the picture for your target market.

In fact, it’s also these same highly effective web and social elements that help to score ideal media placements in the first place.