The 10 Commandments of SEO for Increased Clickthrough Rate

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The 10 Commandments of SEO for Increased Clickthrough Rate

As an essential part of the online business, it is necessary to know the real commandments of search engine optimization companies that help to grow your business with the actual organic audience. Using the internet, it is very easy to know the SEO related stuff as millions of articles are there, but I want to warn you to be careful. Because there’s a lot of misconception on how to effectively increase your clickthrough rate. Yes, you read it right.

But don’t worry…!

You are standing in the right place.

As one of Houston’s top search engine optimization companies, we understand that with the advancement in the technology the concept of SEO is getting tougher to understand. The processing of search engine optimization is constantly changing but some basic understandings will hold true well into the future.

Ranking your website on the first page of Google is hard. But if you follow these types; you will see immediate results in your clickthrough rate that can make a significant change for an extended period.

So, ranking your website is still a mystery for you?

Do you want to solve it?

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If it’s a Yes, bear me because I’m going to open every layer of the onion that’ll speak the real commandments of search engine optimization companies.

Before starting to keep one thing in your mind that every internet strategy is not always useful, but sometimes it severely affects your website with poor ranking. Getting the traffic on the website is not the key factor that helps to rank. Ranking depends upon different factors and searches engine optimization company normally follow some rules to grow.

Want to know what rules?

Let’s dig it deeper:

Here I’m going to discuss the 10 most important Search Engine Optimization:

Follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

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There are so many things to consider when it comes to an online website, but the most important thing is to follow webmaster guidelines. It helps to create the most prominent existence on Google and ultimately supporting the directions your website get ranks in no time. After that, you’ll get to know the real taste of effort and its long-term results.

Do you know what the most important GUIDELINE is by Webmaster?

They emphasize to give quality to win this race. Many of the search engine optimizing companies follow this rule and always step forward as compared to their competitors. By providing the quality, you can gather relevant audiences on your website and subsequently increasing your clickthrough rate exponentially. Because they still value relevant content.

Focus on White Hat SEO:

For the long term and fruitful results, white hat SEO is the key. There are different SEO techniques, but it concludes that the effect produced by the white hat SEO is the most effective ones. White SEO requires effort, but it improves the visibility on the search engine and targets the relevant audience to get in touch. It is followed by some rules and policies to practice.

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Following the regulations and strategies help to climb the mountain of ranking. White SEO includes different things, e.g. meta tags, keyword research, site navigation, mobile friendliness and improves the website loading time. All these factors support to rank the website on the first page of Google. Search Engine Optimization companies emphasis to follow white hat SEO.

Practice On-Site SEO for Better Clickthrough Rate:

On-Site SEO is the key to rank the website pages and get organic searches. On-Site SEO includes several things that support your website to be user-friendly and increase the user interest to get valuable interest. This hooks up the visitors to access the website with ease.

On-site SEO is all about using the correct keywords, tags, and description of your article in an effective manner. It also helps to reduce the bounce rate by increasing the value of the website. It is effectively recognized by the search engine and boost your targeted audience.

Use Relevant Keywords:

Don’t stuff your website with irrelevant keywords; otherwise, a search engine will not be able to recognize your website. Relevant keyword increases the visibility of content to get your targeted audience, and they can visit your website. Remember one thing that search engine works based on Google algorithms, and it is challenging to make them fool.

Search the relevant keyword and add them into valuable content to get appeared on a search engine. This trick is usually followed by the search engine optimizer company to grow their online business.

Use Original Content:

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Having the original and up to date content on your website increases your website worth by double. For an online business, content is the most valuable asset for the company to grow. For this, I’ll not recommend using spam or automate content. Google algorithm mark website according to the content sharing.

Steadily you’ll see an increase in the traffic on your website, and in turn, this will be noticed by the search engine as well. I hope now you understand the logical things of ranking factors. This is the best way to get rank and increase your website worth on Google.

Link and Linkback:

Spread the love of linking this will help you to grow in a most sophisticated manner. Getting the link from the other website is the most valuable thing to appear in the search engine. If someone link you then give some credit by linking back to them. Outward linking is useful for your website. Another magical tip, link within your website this help to interact with the user with the different things. Linking also helps to increase the authority of your website.

Be Mobile Friendly:

Websites are accessible by mobile phones and for this mobile optimization is highly encouraged. Mobile optimized websites allow are a most since 87% of all searches happen on mobile phones. If you want to increase your clickthrough rate then this is a must! Maintain the loading time of your website as this build the interest of the user to stay and access the different things on the website. You can check the speed test for mobile using the various software available.

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Many things impact the SEO, and if the website is not mobile-friendly, you’ll lose almost 30% of your audience. Images, videos, and content affect mobile speed. This can maintain by eliminating different errors and try to note loading time for each page of the website. Having mobile-friendly website increase the number of users.

Have Some Patience:

SEO is not an overnight game as it takes time to show the results. For example, if you post a blog on your website and you are expecting to get it to share several times. Then you have to make an effort from both ends and have to wait to see the results. By adopting the different strategies and techniques, you’ll get to know the real game of SEO.

If you are following all the rules, policies and optimization, then you’ll win the race for an extended period. I repeat to follow ‘White Hat SEO’ as this will bring the best results.

Monitor Your Website:

For monitoring your website use Google Analytics this helps you to navigate through the different pages of your website. You can see the performance of the website as well as the weak areas. This provides real-time feedback, and the number of people visiting your website can evaluate adequately.

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This also provides the demographics and shows the target audience interest. Different keywords performance can assess. This offers the opportunity to improve the strategy if the results are not sufficient.

Follow Web design:

When it comes to SEO, it is essential to ensure that your web design is SEO friendly as this helps to rank, this also helps the visitor to easily navigate the different pages of your website and provide them a pleasant experience. Always use appealing and straightforward web design as this helps to increase the users.


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