Google Analytics Understanding Acquisition Overview

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google analytics acquisition overview

Google Analytics Understanding Acquisition Overview

Welcome to our series on understanding your newly installed analytics account. We are going to breakdown small bit size sections of your analytics account to make it easier for you to absorb. First, we’ll start with the “Google Analytics Acquisition Overview” section.

Follow The Analytics Series in Order:

In the event that you stumble upon this series out of the intended order, I have included links for all of the articles in this series. It’s recommended that you try to follow them in order because one concept will start to build off of the one that came before it.

Here are the links for your review if you should need them:

1 Acquisition Overview

2 Social Overview

3 Bounce Rate

4 Top Ranking Pages

5 Understanding Demographics

Whether you’re running an online business or a brick and mortar store, your website should be working as a lead capture machine. If you really want to scale your services, then you will need to invest a little time in understanding some key features available in your Google analytics account.

Differentiating your website content is the first step in the process.

Points to consider:

Create Unique Content by Blogging

Blogging allows you to expand your website content and focus on keywords that won’t necessarily work for your core webpages. We seriously can’t stress this part enough. If you don’t have a blog or you’re not blogging then you should start TODAY!

It is a lifeline for your website and should be nurtured as such.


Target audiences that help you grow

Follow the traffic! Deep dive into your best-performing pages. Find out what made them perform better than others and duplicate that format. Google Analytics helps to improve your content and overall user experience.

Let’s get started

Various metrics are essential to track and I’m going to cover what they are. The easiest page to understand is the “Acquisition Overview.” This page shows you everything at a quick glance. See the number of active users, best-performing pages, and social shares.

How to get there:

  1. Login into Google Analytics
  2. Click on Acquisition from the preview pane on the left side
  3. Click on Overview

google analytics acquisition overview

This is the first section you need to be familiar with. Because it can give you a lot of information very quickly. In all honesty, you could stay on this page and get all the information you need in one sitting. If data analysis really isn’t your cup of tea, we suggest you at least get to know this section.

Traffic Sources Explained

Traffic sources give a detailed preview of social media, organic searches, referrals, and direct hit.

google analytics acquisition overview

Orangic search is when someone finds your website when searching for a particular topic or keyword. This is the best metric you want to track because it will show you how well your on-page SEO efforts are working.

Direct is when someone types in your URL directly into the address bar. A person types in and then presses enter, it registers under direct. This means the person searching for you knows who you are and more than likely revisiting your website to gain more information.

Referral is the type of traffic source that comes from somewhere outside of the Google search engine. This is a down and dirty way to see who is backlinking to your website. If you want to know more about backlinking then head over to our local SEO page for more resources on the subject.

If you want an expert understanding of backlinks for both your website and your competition then we suggest you check out SEMrush. Its a great tool for deep diving into your keyword research. They offer a day 7-free trial so you can test drive their services.

Other is a traffic source that is just not recognized by Google. These are links from sites that are usually not index by the Google bot. Moreover, it’s nice to know but really doesn’t give you any real information.

And lastly is Social, this metric shows the effectiveness of your social media presence. By staying active on social media, you track which social media accounts are driving the best traffic.


Google Analytics Acquisition Overview provides the details related to session duration, bounce rate, and new session percentage. I would encourage to click around and see what information works best for you. The goal of analytics is to know what’s working and what’s not so it’s completely subjective to what you need.

We’ll discuss each section in detail during the next post in this series. The next topic of discussion will be the Social Overview, and you’ll understand in-depth the social media relationship with your website.


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