Free Instagram Followers Instantly | A Fool-Proof Formula

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Free Instagram Followers Instantly | A Fool-Proof Formula

Have you been on Instagram for a very long time and yet you do not still have more followers on Instagram?

In this article, we will talk about 15 different ways on how you can get free Instagram followers instantly and how you can also become an Instagram influencer.

The Theory

Instagram, as we knew in the past, was mainly an application user mostly by kids just for the purpose of catching fun. But in recent times, Instagram has grown beyond that.

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Instagram has become a platform for advertising different products, for trading (buying and selling), and it is also an application used to get more people to your site.

Instagram has grown to be a widely known social network application, recording close to 250 million users that are always active on a monthly basis.

So many social media have also become popular and widely used as platforms for online business. But the rate which Instagram has been used is higher than any other form of social media.

Why Instagram Rules!

You can perform many more activities on Instagram than on any other social media application.

Whether you want to use Instagram as a means of selling your products online, advertising your business, or whether you just want to be a popular and famous Instagrammer, we will help you out.

Below, we will tell you 15 ways as to which you can get more followers on Instagram and also become an influencer. You just have to read carefully and observe the steps that will be mentioned.

  • One very effective way to have more followers on Instagram is by making use of hashtags # on your Instagram page. What the hashtags will help you to accomplish is having more people on your Instagram page and also to make it possible for more followers to be able to locate you.

Just making use of random hashtags # might NOT be the best only way, but what helps a lot is applying hashtags #  that is popularly known by the majority.

There are ways to get free Instagram followers instantly but most are cheap quality and get you, random followers. Most of them won’t really help you reach the goal of being an influencer. There is one strategy that we testing to get effective. We’ll explore that option in a moment.

15 Steps To Becoming An Instagram Influencer

In the case of promoting your business, you may have to advertise your hashtags which you have created on different platforms. If coming up with post ideas isn’t your thing, then head over to our post on “Top Social Media Post Ideas for 2019“.

First, make it possible for people to see your hashtag anytime they visit your profile. You can also advertise your hashtags on billboards, on printed invoices and so on. Leverage your current environment on person network to get your hashtag off the ground.

Come up with creative hashtag #

Do not just recycle someone else’s’ hashtag #.  You run the chance of getting lost in the noise of everyone else trying to piggy-back off of the same traffic.

Mix It Up

While trying to advertise your business, you can use a mix-up of words that are related to your business; an example is #engineservice or #macgrowthhack. I’m all about growth hacking! It’s hard when you’re first starting out because you feel that everyone is so far ahead of you that you can’t catch up. Well, that’s not necessarily true. If you’re really into growth hacking then you will want to explore some other option. (see best options)

Personal Style

You should learn how to create your personal style for Instagram so as to be different from those competing with you. Create a personal brand that matters to you.

You don’t have to spend any money on this part. Just choose a consistent color style that works for the culture you are trying to create.

Post Consistently

Never stop posting on your Instagram page. Rather, you can post on a regular basis, and this will fetch you more followers. People won’t continue to follow you if your content is outdated or sporadic.

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As a future influence, your followers will look for you for guidance, entertainment and often comfort. Give the public what they want!

Like and Follow

You can as well get more followers by always liking the posts of others and following people in your niche. The follow/unfollow technique doesn’t work! This technique is when you follow a bunch of people just to later unfollow them.

The idea is that you can balance out your follow and followers numbers to make your account look better. Most people on IG are hip to that and will devalue your brand. We advise against that.

Run Contest

Another way to get free Instagram followers instantly is by instituting a kind of contest on your Instagram page. This will give you massive returns on followers! The only catch is that you will have to offer something of value for people to join in.

Get creative with this one. You don’t have to offer something expensive, it just has to be eye-catchy.

Leverage Your Personal Network

Let everyone in your personal network know that you are on Instagram. Simple yet effective!

Your friends, family, and co-workers are an excellent resource to get the word out. They can share your post with their networks to get that viral boost you need when getting started. Their friends will become your followers while broadening your reach.

Spread The Love

You can also post encouraging comments on people’s posts. This will make them begin following you on IG while giving them more content on their page.

Dear To Dream

This one is cheese one but surprisingly works really well. Posting images that come with inspirational quotes.

Everyone needs that boost of inspiration now and then. For that brief moment, they see your post it can spark a positive/uplifting reaction to the reader. I suggest you don’t overuse this one. By posting an inspirational quote here are there they will have more impact than posting them every day.


Work that Mayfair!! Making use of filters can be great for certain occasions. Try to choose a filter that is appropriate for the content.

Spy On The Competition

You can also choose to follow people that are following those competing with you.

  1. When you tag people on your posts, it will attract more followers too.
  2. Adding a call to action on your Instagram page is also helpful in getting more followers.

Applying these 15 steps will make you make on IG and can also make you a great influencer. Explore some growth hacking techniques but be sure to choose the right one. You’ll spend your precise time and get absolutely nowhere. For a more tailored social media marketing plan check out our Social Media Packages.

As a social media marketing agency in Houston, we are highly trained in the latest techniques to get your service in front of the people that matter to you. Let the experts in social media marketing techniques provide a turnkey solution to TONS of free traffic.

(growth hacking option)


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