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Digital Marketing Agency For Small Business Tips and Tricks

for getting higher qualified click through rates



For every digital marketing agency for small business out there, PPC advertising is arguably the most widely used marketing strategy. The reason is that Pay Per Click advertising is very effective and can help to generate fast and quality traffic which can be converted easily.

However, it so happens that you could be putting in your best efforts but your PPC campaigns and not meeting up with your expectations. The worst part is that you may not really comprehend why your Pay Per Click ads are not performing.



Every digital marketing agency for small business concerned about how to generate more people secrets. The good news, however, is that there are experts who have mastered the key to driving a lot of traffic from pay per click adverts.

Here are some of the top tricks that any digital marketing agency for small business can utilize to get their PPC traffic optimized and generate higher click-through rates.

Use Countdown Timers

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By making use of countdown timers, you will be able to generate urgency in your PPC campaigns. Countdown timers help to trigger the fear of missing out in a lot of people which compels them to click your adverts.

It has been found that ads which have countdown timers perform significantly better than others. Implementing countdown timers is quite easy and will be very effective if used rightly.

Use Ad Extensions

Search engines want you to get even more click-through rates. This is because, with more clicks more, you get to receive more commission. this is the reason that search engines such as Google have recommended using ad extensions.

According to Google, when you make use of ad extensions, your CTR stands a chance of increasing. For example, by making use of review extensions, you can significantly increase your clicks.


Insert The Main Keyword In Your Ads URL

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This trick enables you to earn the trust of users that get to view your adverts. By inserting the main keyword right inside your ads URL, readers get to see that your ad is even more relevant than others to their search.

At this point, their conviction increases that they have found what they really want with your ad.

Don’t Forget To Use Symbols

When you make use of symbols correctly, your ad will stand out, especially, when lined up with different ads that are similar to yours. Symbols can help to make your advert pop. So, try to insert some relevant symbols right inside your ad copy.

Ensure that the symbols are relevant and monitor the ad to see if your CTR increases. Remember that if no one notices your ad, they won’t click it.

CTA’s Are Your Best Friends

Call to action has a very huge role to play in positively influencing the click-through rate for an ad. Most users expect to see a CTA along with your PPC ad. It has been suggested by Google that you make use of CTA in the copy of your PPC ad and this can motivate your customers to click it.

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Long Tail Keywords Drive Better Traffic To Your Offer


Long tail keywords play a very important role in search engine optimization. While playing an important role in blogging, long tail keywords remainder of a catalyst that can help you to build a fantastic sales funnel.

Furthermore, all the single keywords are important for sales funnel tops, long tail keywords are the foundation for the middle funnels, as well as, the bottom funnels. A digital marketing agency for small business can help you to research long tail keywords.

Then, these keywords will be integrated with your website and will help you to drive improved traffic from the queries which you get to rank for.

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