Content For Web Site: Optimizing Popular Pages

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Content For Web Site: Understanding Your Top Pages

Google Analytics is the best tool to measure the performance of your content for web site. Through tracking the different sections, this helps to improve the functionality of your website and engagement of the users. How you say? It helps you improve the functionality because the data will tell you what’s working and what needs improvement.

Entire Analytics Series in Order:

In the event that you stumble upon this series out of the intended order, I have included links for all of the articles in this series. It’s recommended that you try to follow them in order because one concept will start to build off of the one that came before it.

Here are the links for your review if you should need them:

1 Acquisition Overview

2 Social Overview

3 Bounce Rate

4 Top Ranking Pages

5 Understanding Demographics

Improving Content for Web Site

By tracking the top pages or specific blog post, this helps you to optimize your website content much more effectively. Monitoring of the top pages helps to improve the strategy of ranking your services in your business niche. In other words, you can engage your visitors by providing them more relevant content according to their interest.

Moreover, optimizing the popular pages of your website helps to boost overall conversions. Remember the A.I.C.C. cycle we spoke about in our post about the Social Overview? Here is where it pays off! By tracking the related popular pages, you can improve the bounce rate of your website pages thus increasing your desired conversion.

How to Navigate to Top Page Views

Follow these steps:

First, navigate to the Behaviour Tab
Click on Site Content
Then All Pages

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The Page Views section shows you, in graph form, your traffic over time. Change the date range to get a broader view of the traffic cycle for your website. By taking a broader view of the peaks and valleys of your traffic, you can start to deduce where traffic improves or declines.

Just below that graph are your top 10 performing pages. If you are blogging then 9 times out of 10 these pages will be your blog posts.

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We already spoke about how the bounce rate affects your overall ranking. This page view section is perfect for seeing what pieces of content are working for your audience.

Let’s break down this section in detail.

Pages Views is the number of visitors per individual page.

Unique Page Views is the number of visitors that find that page for the first time. This is usually a measure of your organic search results. If your unique page views are starting to increase over time then you can rest easy that your SEO efforts are working!

Avg Time on Page is just that. It’s a measure of how much time a user spends consuming that particular piece of content. If you remember from our post on understanding the bounce rate, the average is about 1 minute and 50 seconds. Anything over that then you are golden!

Entrances are really not that useful but its a measure of the first-page view a user sees when they enter your website. Aka the landing page. Did they land on that page first or did they find that page by navigating through your website? It’s nice to know but doesn’t really help you much.

Bounce rate is the measurement of time when someone enters your page then leaves. We won’t go into the bounce rate since we covered that in-depth during our last post. If you want to review the bounce rate lesson click HERE to view.

Exit is just like Entrance. It’s a measurement of how many users left the session from that particular page. I personally think the bounce rate is more important but some experts debate that fact. Remember, just use the data that works for you.

Page Value is a monetary number you assign to that page. If you are creating a Call to Action and you value that action at, let’s say $1,000, then you can see how much your traffic is worth. This metric only really helps you if you are charging a company for advertisement via impressions. This won’t help most business owners so I wouldn’t spend too much time assigning these values.

We can easily get in the weeds with this section but we really just want to touch on the best use of your content for web site. Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to understand every facet of these analytics.

Our goal with this series is just to give you the raw information you need to survive and make a difference. One additional metric I would like to mention is site speed. You can find your site speed under the same Behaviour Tab.

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I find that the most important section to look at is the Page Timings under the Site Speed section:

Look to the last column in this section. This section measures the loading speed of each of your top pages. If you are getting anything other then a green sign then your content is too bloated. That can usually happen when your pictures and graphics are way too big. it can also happen if you are not optimizing your pictures for the web.

The loading speed for your website is a huge and I mean HUGE ranking factor because of Google latest update. They are putting a lot of pressure on website owners to cater to mobile users more and more every year. If your website theme is causing your pages to lag then I would recommend you to speak to your webmaster and choose a lighter theme that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. You’ll thank me for it.

Now that we covered the acquisition overview, the social overview,  the bounce rate, and your top page views we will get into the most important metric to track, demographics!

It’s an exciting section and arguably the most important metric to analyze. If you are just as excited as we are and want to get straight into it, check out the next post in the series where we will dive into improving the traffic on a website by location.


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