Content For Web Site: Optimizing Popular Pages

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Content For Web Site: Understanding Your Top Pages Google Analytics is the best tool to measure the performance of your content for web site. Through tracking the different sections, this helps to improve the functionality of your website and engagement of the users. How you say? It helps you improve the functionality because the data will tell you what’s working … Read More

Traffic On A Website: Improving Thru Demographics

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Traffic On A Website: How to Improve Traffic By Understanding Demographics Google Analytic metrics are a combination of different things and key points. To win the race in the online world. It is essential to understand what you can really do with Google Analytics. As it provides detailed insight on things you never really thought you could measure thus improving … Read More

Basics of Digital Marketing: Bounce Rate

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Basics of Digital Marketing: Google Analytics Bounce Rate It is necessary to understand the basics of digital marketing by examing the concept of bounce rate as it is one of the most misunderstood metrics. In simple terms, the bounce rate is the metric that measures the amount of time in which a user lands on a page then leaves. Follow … Read More

Social Media Marketing Basics: Social Overview

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Social Media Marketing Basics: Understanding Google Analytics Social Overview Google Analytics account is more than a blessing as it helps to understand exactly what’s happening under the hood of your website. One of the most important concepts of social media marketing basics is to know which social media account you should focus on. Entire Analytics Series in Order: In the … Read More